Friday, June 12, 2009

What a Sweet Sister

Amanda's cancer has brought out the two year old in her, and the twenty year old in her. I've had several medical appointments lately and she's been more keenly aware that our unborn baby is having some struggles. Today she said that she wants me to tell everybody about him on her blog. She wants me to ask people to say a prayer for him since that will help him get healthy and strong. She is capable of being so sweet and wise beyond her years sometimes!

Although this blog is for her, we know many people are concerned about our family as a whole. So, per her request I will let you know that our little guy is proving to be pretty tough. We were advised (the day after Amanda was diagnosed) to terminate our pregnancy because it was less than 25% birth survival, and a pretty grim outlook beyond that. He had virtually no amniotic fluid and a very enlarged heart, plus a few other technical health problems that I don't think I can even spell. Long story short, he has made an amazing comeback that our doctors have no explanation for. The doctor just tells us that he is glad to be wrong and that this is not the norm. The major health conditions that were present have almost completely resolved with the exception of him being very small. We are being told to plan on a 4 pounder at most, but that he can very likely make it to 37 weeks (in August). We have no explanation as to what has caused the problems. It really doesn't matter anyway. It has always been up to God what happens. But I do not believe it coincidence that his health begin to improve when we started asking people to help pray for him instead of keeping it quiet. So, I think Amanda is very wise for her young age and I appreciate her ability to have faith in something she doesn't understand.


  1. In 1990 When Kristen was diagnosed with ALL the firs time I was pregnant with my 5th child. I was too having problems before Kristen was diagnosed. I had toxemia and all the stuff that comes with it. I was susposed to be resting. With what was going on with Kristen (she was only 3 years old) resting was something I could not do. A couple months later, 2 weeks early I delivered by c-section a perfectly healthy baby girl. Then in 1993 when Kristen relapsed I was 7 months pregnant and again having problems with toxemia. The ultra sound showed that the baby boy I was carrying was suffering from effects of my toxemia. He had a problem with his heart and I was told to lay on my left side for at least 8 hours each day. The problem with his heart needed to heal on it's own before he was born or he would be in trouble. Then Kristen was so very sick and resting was not an option. I felt like I was sacrificing one child for another. It was the most awful feelling. Those last 7 weeks of my pregnancy was a nightmare. Once again faith and prayers raised our family again and I delivered a healthy baby boy by c-section on his due date. The events of the delivery and Kristen being on her death bed was insurmountable. I look back and I know that there was help beyond my own belief. I will be praying for you, Amanda and your unborn child.

  2. Mary Ann, your entry made me think of the scripture in Matthew 18:3-4. Faith, humility and compassion come so easily to our little ones. It's the rest of us who have to make a conscious effort to follow their example. Amanda was certainly correct in wanting you to share information about her little brother. He is a part of her and already in her heart. Thank you for sharing. Love you. Jenny