Monday, June 29, 2009

Cross your fingers

Ok, I'm going to try this again and announce that things are improving. I don't care if I'm setting myself up for how everything bad happens in rounds of three. Trying to stay optomistic is what keeps us going. Besides, bad things happening in three's happened a long time ago for us. I think we're three to the power of ten by now!

Amanda's fever broke today. It has gradually declined from Saturday night. She has slept excessively, her headaches have declined, and for the first time in weeks she is acting more like her normal bubbly self. She must be getting more tolerant of not feeling well because she didn't seem very phased by a 101 tempature most of the weekend. Aside from the emergency run to Primary's, whatever she is fighting off has been managable for her - nothing compared to last weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. My fingers and toes are all crossed!!!


    We hope you had a nice birthday. From,
    Robert, Jenny, Yassah, Dayan and Sienneh