Thursday, June 18, 2009


I about fell off my chair at yesterday's clinic. There was nothing out of the normal routine - Amanda lamenting about being hungry, scared when they have to access her port, eager to get home, etc. But, her blood counts were totally unexpected. Her immune system (ANC count) tripled and her platelets doubled in one week. But at the same time, her red blood count went down, as I had suspected, but not quite low enough for a transfusion yet. I just don't understand how that is possible. I had to reread it several times. To have her counts go that high so quickly, but selectively choose to have some drop. How does her body do that?

At least for this week a paperclip won't cause her to bleed out and her immune system is temporarily within a normal range. Perhaps we can enjoy an outing for Dad's birthday and the 4th of July without our Lysol bubble force field at full force. I still plan to clorox down anything and everything until 2012. It's too much of a habit now. And the anemia really does slow her down and make her not feel well. But if I could choose which count to have problems with, I'd choose the red blood cells. For an active social kid, it's the least life threatening of the three.

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  1. I am glad that Amanda is doing okay and glad that you and your little guy are too. I think about your family often, you are in my prayers. Thank you for keeping me updated on how everything is.

    Heather Mayhew