Sunday, June 7, 2009

Many Thank You's

We are very behind on the many thank you's we need to offer to people. We cannot possibly thank everybody in person; there are too many. From gifts, to kind words, to donations, to prayers, it has been very uplifting for us to know how many people are in support of our family. It is a very tough time in our lives right now. I am still on IV's and find some days very difficult to care for myself, let alone my children and their individual health problems. We are in the midst of a very high risk pregnancy with a severely growth restricted baby. We will likely be facing an extensive NICU stay sometime this summer and are praying that our baby comes when both he and Amanda are strong. Erin is, well, Erin. As my brother-in-law says, "everything about that kid is special." Her unique allergies and behavior oddities live up to that statement. And, then there is Amanda and cancer. We often hear comments that it is like Job at our house. I do not agree because we are surrounded by friends, family, and total strangers that are supporting us in amazing ways. I think to not have that would be far harder than what we are facing. The only way I can think of thanking everyone is to post more pictures so you can see for yourself how we are doing. It seems to be about all that we can offer during our period of isolation. And it gives us a way to show that despite hard times, we really are hanging in there.

Here's a get well surprise left by Amanda's SEM class. It made her smile after a tough treatment day. Her regular class made her a wonderful card that rolls out the length of the driveway!

Here is Amanda sporting her new haircut and new steroid cheeks.

We can count on one finger the number of family outings that we've gone on in the last six months. Amanda was finally strong enough to get out of the house and walk on her own (for the most part), so we found a secluded place to watch the air show this weekend. Both girls lasted much longer than expected. Having the ice shack behind us and a Dad eager to splurge on his girls helped. I was the one that pooped out before they did.

We are finding new family past times. Scott now spends every Sunday morning teaching Amanda how to make french toast. She is getting pretty good at cracking the eggs. The girls eagerly put on their aprons before Scott's even up. The only problem is that Amanda really needs a hair net. Her hair is falling out everywhere!!! She's a walking comb over right now. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to care much, but is still reluctant to go completely bald by choice. Before my new vacuum explodes from all of the hair "gerbils" around the house, I'll hopefully be able to convince her to cut it all off soon. Fortunately, no hair was found in today's breakfast!


  1. I am so glad that things are looking a little better. I really have been thinking about you all. I feel like I have been going thru Maryann withdrawls. I miss talking to you on the phone. Please know that we are praying for you. Please call when you are feeling better. I would love to talk.

  2. If there is anything good that can come of this, it is growing together as a family. Dan and I were talking about some of the "past-times" that we have had, that seem to be falling down the list on our priorities, such as Saturday morning pancakes. It is something that my kids look forward to, even when I don't want to do it...your french toast is probably that way too.

    Lost of love being sent your way!