Monday, June 22, 2009

A "Happy" Father's Day

At 11:00 last night Amanda started talking and acting more like herself. Scott was able to finally get the Father's Day gift he was hoping for. Not what we'd consider a "happy" Father's Day, but it ended much better than it started.

Amanda is in no way completely better. But her headaches are more manageable, she broke the low grade fever, and she is slowly eating more. No more screaming or having to drug her just so she's comfortable. We'll keep her on the hydration pack for another day and they will re-evaluate her condition at clinic on Wednesday. It is such a relief to see her getting better, even if better means a weak cancer patient. It will still take her several days to bounce back to that. But we did it without a hospital stay. Yeah!

The results of her flu test are negative. It's just been a nasty stomach bug. Seeing how hard it hit her, and how mild it was for the rest of us, makes me absolutely paranoid of her catching anything else. We are going to have to be so careful, especially considering that swine flu is so prevalent. I can't even imagine how bad that would be for her right now after watching her go through this. We'll just do the best we can, hope that she continues to improve, and be as careful as possible to keep her virus free.

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  1. Mary Ann and Scott,
    You braved the storm and endured a very difficult weekend (without a hospital stay!). I am so glad Amanda's test results came back negative. Hopefully, you will continue to see improvement and she will get stronger. Good Luck at clinic tomorrow.