Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I won't sugar coat it. Amanda is just having moments where I know she is downright depressed. I don't know if it's the new medication, trying too hard to do too much, adjusting to all the changes and stress....or likely all of the above. She is so smart and understands so much, but I think she can't cope with it all emotionally. Yesterday, she wasn't herself and noticed all the hard changes in her life. I couldn't argue with her and it's hard as a mom to support her when I'm having all the same feelings. Fortunately, they seem to be passing moments for her. I guess I would be worried if she didn't have them. None of this is normal for us, but we're slowly adjusting.

She is on her new medication. Overall, she is acting more like herself and has regained a lot of strength. I can tell by how much she runs around the house teasing her sister. (I had to actually discipline her because she tried to turn Erin into an art easel). But last night the nausea spells started. I think her counts are dropping too because she's pale enough to be mistaken as an albino. We'll ask for some anti-nausea medication at clinic tomorrow and hopefully a blood transfusion will be in her near future. None of it is pleasant, but manageable.

I have finally figured out that all of her really good days and moments involve having Dad around. She has become so attached to him. He offers her something I can't and I love him for it. Here she is, thrilled to get out of the house and spend time together as a family on a picnic.

But, in our attempt to have our primary lesson outside, we were sent rain. God didn't seem to approve of the venue.
The headbands from aunt Leisha are a big hit! The girls are really getting into the head coverings.

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  1. Hi Mar,
    The kids and I are wracking our brains trying to come up with a way we can show Amanda how much we love her and support her and still be at a distance. Thank you so much for the updates. Every time I get on the computer I check and see if you have written anything new. I'll talk to you soon.