Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring is in the air

Our beautiful daughter!
Make A Wish Easter egg hunt.
Having fun!

Viva La Perry! Amanda celebrated her 11th birthday in style!
Ahhhh. I'm shouting out my sigh of relief after a very chaotic transition in our life. We have settled into our new house and we are very happy with the decision we have made. The move was very hard on our family. I have been exhausted for quite some time now and the kids have been non-stop sick and ornery. But every day gets better as we acclimatize to our new surroundings and get settled.
With a larger yard I've focused on planting fruit shrubs and trees to give them time to take root. I thought of Amanda as the gardener told me to brutally strip down growth and fruit for the first two years to ensure that the roots grow strong. I feel like that's what we've done to her for several years now. Despite harsh pruning I know that we are among a season of strengthening and growth for her while she continues to mend physically and mentally.
Amanda is slowly making friends and adjusting to her new school. Aside from a really bad ear infection the first week of school, she has done really well. I didn't realize she had already done this year's curriculum plus the majority of sixth grade. Her teacher is a bit stumped with how to challenge her. She's missed over a year of school and is still a grade level ahead! She is so smart! So we are focusing our attention on friendships, church involvement, and extra-curricular activities. She is so excited to go to cancer camp, play soccer again, and everything else that so many other kids get to do without realizing it's something to cherish.
Scott and I continue to offer our heartfelt empathy for parents with terminally ill children. I daily think of children on the oncology unit at Primary Children's. There are a lot of kids struggling right now. There are still moments I'm numb as to why my children have been spared. I know the best way to honor this blessing is to love my life, live happily, and cherish what I have. I will admit that the stressful ravages of going through chemotherapy, health problems, and other challenges has left me really tired and worn out. It can be distracting. I suppose that Amanda's not the only one stengthening roots right now!