Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SHHHH....keep a secret

Amanda just completed one full year without chemotherapy and is still in remission!!!

Things are in the works for her through Make-a-Wish.   In fact, I won't say more because we are trying hard not to have anything leak out to her.  All I will say is that things are starting to come together and my next blog should outline some exciting plans.   I told her wish granter it's coming at a very good time.   She just started into counseling.  She's having a lot of headaches, insomnia, and anxiety as she copes with all the changes and difficulties she's had.   Having a wish granted will help in ways that I cannot.    

We attempted a family vacation this summer.  My dad has a saying, "It's a vacation when you go with your spouse.  It's a trip with you go with your kids."  I had a nice "trip" to the coast.  I'm sure it was a grand vacation in Amanda's mind.  It's was wonderful to see her playing in the sand with her siblings.  There was a time when I thought that would never happen again. Scott and I continue to be very grateful for the life of our children.