Monday, September 13, 2010

"It smell's like a poptart in here"

.....says Erin to the furniture store clerk while shopping for a new bed. The comment has nothing to do with my blog entry. I just needed a good icebreaker to distract from my neglected, long absence. I do thank anybody still reading this as my dedication has waned a bit.

I am constantly asked how Amanda is doing. The answer is always the depends on the day. It seems lately that she is starting to have many more good days than bad. Throwing up in front of everybody at Grandma and Grandpa's 50th anniversary dinner, well, that was a very bad day. It just depends. But overall she is more energetic, stronger and healthier. She is sleeping much better. She is also back at school and keeping up with a full day. I'm glad to have her back at school, even though it's reminded me of germs and the fear of fevers. The summer was somewhat challenging. She thinks she can do more than she really can. The heat was hard on her and it triggered more migraines, so a lot of down time was forced on her. She has every episode of Phineas and Ferb memorized. I was glad to hear her get more excited learning about the water cycle rather than the adventures of Perry the Platypus.

Anybody want a BIG castle? It will only take up half your basement - but keeps them busy.
We enjoyed a quick trip to Park City. A hotel swimming pool and the alpine slide were the highlight of the summer.
Will celebrated his first birthday. I can't believe a year has already passed. Birthday's have new meaning at our home. They are really reason to celebrate and be grateful for what we have. We find ourselves back in the throng of medical appointments again. He's not gaining weight like he should. When you have a one year old that eats like a six month old and seems to have a lot of food aversions, it becomes a bit of a problem. We're waiting to get in to an endocrinologist. I joke with Scott that we've been to every clinic on the first floor of Primary Children's between our three kids. Looks like we're expanding to another level! It's yet another challenge, but one worth taking on. We're totally in love with this kid!