Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spoke too soon!

I am now very leery about announcing good news. Amanda was doing so much better until I posted something about it. She came down with a fever early yesterday morning. We followed the clinic's protocol and called it in. We were told to go down. I frantically packed the bags while listening to her cry hysterically. I was convinced she would be hospitalized. Fortunately, she is home because her counts are so high (her ANC - immune system - doubled again!). It is definitely a blessing for her. But, unfortunately, she is not doing so well. She has picked up a viral bug of some kind. The clinic is treating everybody like it's the flu. They said the hospital is full to capacity with flu, and several cancer patients are contracting it. We should have the test results on Monday. I think it's a stomach bug that Scott and I had last week. Unfortunately, he just thought it was something he ate and I have hyperemsis; I'm always nauseated. We've learned our lesson to always wear a mask, even if it's indigestion. It's so frustrating. We've been so cautious with her. The fever didn't last long, but she's thrown up and has been very nauseated to the point of not getting much down her. The worst part is a very severe headache. She is in a lot of pain. The more pain she's in, the more nauseated she is, and the less medicine we can get down her to help. It's a bad cycle. And the fact that she just had a lumbar puncture doesn't help. If she doesn't drink enough after the procedure, it triggers terrible headaches that are hard to get control of. I'm currently waiting for home health to show up to access her port so I can start her on IV hydration. I called the on-call doctor and said I already have all the hydration supplies and plan to use them on her unless they told me no. The doctor was a bit surprised, but didn't argue with me. I'm hoping it will help. If not, it's back to the clinic and a potential CAT scan. I think she's back to square one with fear and anxiety, so pray she can pull through this without needing a hospital stay and a good psychologist.


  1. I know there isn't much we can do but pray, but you are all in our prayers!

  2. Mary Ann,
    I'm sorry about the set-back, but I'm glad she was able to come home. I'll call you soon to see how her headache is doing. I hope the hydration helps. Love you all!