Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Next phase of Chemo

Not all of today's treatment went according to plan.

First, we found out all the testing results to determine which treatment round she goes on. Once again, we are very fortunate. She is doing very well and gets the lowest risk route. This means the fewest medications and the most optimal recovery outcome - YEAH! We were anticipating this route, but it is a relief to have it confirmed. We also opted for the non-clinical route. Because her prognosis is so good, and for several other reasons, we did not feel it necessarily beneficial or necessary for her to be part of a research study at this time. This also means fewer medications.

The change of plans was that she was not able to begin her new treatment regiment today as planned, so she didn't get any chemo. Her red blood counts were too low. She's very anemic right now, but they chose not to do a blood transfusion. Instead, they are going to give her body another break for a week and see if she can produce more red blood cells on her own. It prolongs her treatment a week. But the stronger she can be going into the next round, the better.

It also did not go according to plan as the doctor was concerned about her regular physical work-up. She's really struggling to walk. It is a side-effect of the intense steroids. But, she fell on her hip several days ago and has maimed that hip ever since. The doctor was concerned and had us work with a physical therapist today. She isolated muscle weakness in her right hip, or "weak butt muscles" as she put it. With all the sitting Amanda's been doing I would think her butt would be nice and strong! We have been assigned some exercises to have Amanda work on. We also did an x-ray on her hip to rule out an injury.

And I must point out that I don't think I heard all but a few complaints today. Compared to last weeks screaming fest, it was a nice change. I can thank the lack of steroids for that, and having Dad attend. I keep asking her why she's so ornery for me and not him. Suppose it's just a mom thing. (all you mom's should shake your head in agreement!) Despite having dad there to entertain her, she is doing much better with her mood. She is acting more herself. So we will enjoy another week of resting and building her back up physical and emotionally.


  1. Hi,
    First I'm so glad that she can have a break and that things are going well as far as the continuing treatment.
    Second I'm hopeful that exercises will help her also feel better for those little muscles to get moving again.
    Third I'm not a mom but I did shake my head in agreement!
    I love you lots!!!

  2. I just found your blog and it touches my heart. We'll say a prayer for her.

  3. Hi this is Lette and her family. My mom just read me the blog and I was trying to understand all you are going through. I miss you and I hope we can play as soon as you are better. I love you! You are a great friend. You are good at soccer and I love that you are on my team. Have a good night. WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU!!