Sunday, October 7, 2012

Make A Wish

"It's times like these you learn to live again." - Foo Fighters

I've looked forward to the day I could share this lyric.  It is hard for me to believe how much life has changed and improved for us.   Four years ago our life started falling apart with one life threatening illness after another.   As a family, we feel a real sense of closure to a very difficult chapter in our life.  Make A Wish has made that possible for us.  The experience's we've had have been amazing to us.  Amanda's Phineas and Ferb day was something we will never forget.  What is a day on the job for Disney animators and producers was an amazing behind the scenes experience for us.   We arrived and had a free day to explore LA.  We headed to the beach and roasted.  But it was fun for the kids to just play and have a change of scenery.  The following day we were picked up by a limo and escorted with one of Make A Wish's Ambassadors.  He was very kind to give of his time and knowledge about the media/entertainment industry.  Out of respect for Disney and Make A Wish, I'm not going to post details beyond stating that we met a lot of amazing people that produce Phineas and Ferb, spent hours witnessing how the show is made, and had a wonderful time as a family.  Scott and I didn't realize how much we have come to love the show and share it with our kids.  So much goes into making a single episode.  We will never look at the show the same way.   I am in awe how healing the Make A Wish experience has been.  Amanda has come home so much happier and more confident.  I've spent so many days watching Amanda cry over the last few years that to see an entire day of nothing but ear to ear smiles was precious.  She's doing so much better.  She is so happy right now.  She is making good friends.  She's so bright.  Her physical and emotional health is much better and keeps improving.  She is adored by many people.  Life has improved so much for her.  Thank you Make A Wish and to all those who donate time and money to the organization.  We have truly been touched by our experience!