Friday, November 26, 2010


Crazy hair day at school.

Everyday hair day.

It's nice to have hair again.

We are still reminded that Amanda has Leukemia. The side-effects vary from day to day. Sometimes her hair randomly falls out, right now it is growing in again. Sometimes she gets bowel problems. Other times she has insomnia. Her face is bloated from the long use of steroids. Headaches are still quite frequent. She continues to have worse than normal side-effects to certain drugs. Scott and I just about pulled out our own hair out of frustration during her last treatment round because she was so ornery. But.....she hasn't been to the ER since June. She hasn't been hospitalized this past year. She's keeping up in an accelerated school program. Even though she's getting tired of chemo and it's hard side-effects, she is the healthiest and happiest she's been in two years. That is something to be grateful for!

Will is making a lot of progress. He is tolerating Nestle Boost. He's more active, alert, his bowels are acting more normal, and he's sleeping better. I still have not found the balance of foods that are bothering him, but I have some ideas. I must thank my sister-in-law for the helpful advice. When you are a bit lost it is wise to follow the footsteps of others that have already gone down the path (how I wish I'd figured that out sooner). We'll follow-up with Will's medical team in a few weeks. I am far more encouraged that we are not facing major medical problems. And that is something to be grateful for!

And so I don't forget Erin.....She said a very articulate and long sentence yesterday. For a kid that screamed more than she talked two years ago, I am amazed and grateful at the progress she has made. Once again, that is something to be grateful for!

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