Friday, November 12, 2010

The Medical Mystery Tour

When watching mysteries I'm a bit clueless with figuring out who-done-it. Given that my ability to figure out a good plot is limited, I cannot expect to figure out what is causing Will's failure to thrive. We still don't have a good diagnosis for him. Each specialist seems to have their own theory and way to treat it. We're still among a lot of lab work. A lot of problems have been ruled out - no brain tumor, his liver is not the culprit, and whatever happened in-utero is not what is currently contributing to his growth problems. We are being told it's a nutrition problem, but we don't know what kind of nutritional problem. For now Will is to try a greater variety of protein based formulas. It could be as simple as just figuring out food intolerance's. So, if he reacts poorly and doesn't gain weight the plan is to do a scope of his gut next month. Growth hormones are on hold until the gut issue can be resolved since he has to be absorbing his food properly in order to grow from it. I'm a bit discouraged with the long process this is turning out to be and watching him go through so much discomfort. But it is manageable. Watching all the kids go in and out of the hospital this week reminded me what we've already been through and helped me reflect that our medical drama could be a lot worse.

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