Thursday, December 9, 2010


"How's Amanda doing today?" - Dr. B.

"She's doing great. I've been so distracted by her brother's health that I haven't even noticed how amazing she is doing." - Me
"Doesn't it feel great to say those words?" - Dr. B.
"Yes!!!" - Me

Amanda is doing fabulous! I've been do distracted by Will's health that I really hadn't even noticed. She went an entire month without a migraine. She hasn't missed school. She's keeping up with her schoolwork. She even started art lessons. Having a meaningful creative outlet has boosted her moral significantly (thanks for getting it going Carol). She still has her Methotrexate crash on the weekends and her five days of monthly treatment are still very hard on her and the family. But overall, she is much better and we are starting to see part of our daughter coming back.

Primary's was so delightful to visit this last week. Amanda and I walked around and saw all the amazing Christmas trees and decorations. She rode in the elevator with Santa Clause. Donations and gifts for children were flooding in the doors. All of the staff were upbeat. Nothing radiates the Christmas spirit the same way as a children's hospital. It is charity at it finest.

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