Saturday, November 6, 2010


Amanda is doing well, so Will is going to steal the spotlight for a bit.

Will went to the Endocrinologist. Her exact words, "He is complicated!" Her jaw about hit the floor when she read his medical history. She couldn't believe that he survived and that he is doing so well developmentally. She fortunately did not diagnose a major disease or disorder. Rather his problems are a result of him not getting what he needed in utero. He'll start growth hormones after an MRI next week (a brain tumor has to be ruled out, but is not suspected). She talked about how growth hormone is produced and processed. She indicated that the low growth hormone is causing malabsorption of food, which would explain the many barf covered loads of laundry I've done this week and his weight loss. All of this stems from the liver. His liver took the brunt of his growth restriction as an infant. It was the lingering problem when he was born. And it is starting to make sense that it is what may be causing a good portion of his failure to thrive. It's a relief to start getting some answers. Everything that has been suggested so far has just made him more sick and miserable. The growth hormones should help him grow and digest his food better. We will still follow-up with a GI doctor to ensure that there isn't more going on. And I'd better come up with a good distraction for giving his daily injections in the butt. He's going to need them for 2-3 years, but don't tell him that!

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