Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's a lot of beads!

Amanda had chemotherapy today. All of the staff were surprised at how good she looked. Her psychologist said he didn't recognize her because she's grown so much and looks so much healthier than the last time he saw her. Her counts are good, her health is currently stable, and she seems to be handling the chemotherapy well.
Amanda is eager to show off her Color's of Courage necklace. Each bead represents a specific action accomplished with chemotherapy. It includes such tasks as each steroid round, each time her port is accessed, each hospital visit, lumbar puncture, emergency room visit, etc. As you can see, she has aquired A LOT OF BEADS!!!! She is wearing it with pride.


  1. That is sure a lot of trophy beads! They are trophies because YOU EARNED them.

  2. She has earned every single one of those beads! I am so happy to see that Amanda is doing so well.