Sunday, July 4, 2010

Join in the Relay for Life

This is a call to all friends, family members, and any other followers of this blog to join us in our first fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. We are getting a group together to walk in the Relay for Life event on July 30th and 31st. This event will be at Barnes Park in Kaysville and will be a 24 hour walk to raise funds for the ACS. Since Amanda's diagnosis early last year we have been on the receiving end of many gifts and charity. We always wished there was some way to pay it forward and be able to do something for others going through similar situations.

Though we can't possibly do all we would love to be able to do to make life better for those going through different stages of cancer, we can make an effort no matter how small. It all adds up to greater things for someone whom you may never know or meet. We hope you will join us either as a team member walking, or as a donor to help the great cause. If you are interested, please click on the link to learn more, donate, or join our team.

The name of our team will be Supporters of Amanda. Whether we have several on our team or just a couple of us, we will be trading off as we walk for 24 hours. It should be a good time. We will provide more details as often as we can.

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  1. signed up and will ask support of co-workers, friends, neighbors. can't walk on Fri ...ECT... but would love to on sat.