Saturday, July 31, 2010


Amanda participated in Relay For Life. Words cannot describe how much she enjoyed herself. She ran around for hours laughing and playing. She proudly walked the survivors lap while people cheered. I choked back tears watching as she radiated happiness and life. She has come so far in one year. We are so grateful to be able to celebrate her life!

We are in awe at the amount of support we have received financially. It has far exceeded our expectations. We are still getting donations and will post a final tally. It's because of donations like these that Leukemia ALL has such a high cure rate (95% for Amanda). Thank you so much for helping fund research, cancer cures, and support for families battling this disease.

We especially need to thank Rick for walking over 50 miles. Yes, that's right, 50 miles!!! He started at the beginning and went all night until it ended - no sleep and very few breaks. You always leave us in awe!

Many other thanks are in order.

Scott, thanks for having the desire to do this and for taking what little time you have to organize our team.

Thanks Dad for the great pictures, helping with all the hauling of stuff, and proving to me that you really are quite handy in the kitchen.

Scott's parents - for the many long hours with Will, always being around to help whenever needed, and for adding a lot of hours on the track.

Mom and Carol - for herding cats (my children)

Jenny & Robert - thanks for sticking out a very long night and raising such awesome teenagers.

Dayan, Yassah, and friends - for being such awesome teenagers! I'm amazed at what great kids you are. You were more than willing to help and you guys put in some serious track time!

Deanna - for taking my request for a few items to feed the crew and turning it into a table full of delectable delights.

Dan, Teri, and kids - thanks for being great friends that are always there for us. Hope you can walk tomorrow Dan. You are seriously going to be feeling those amazing 16 miles.
To Erin - for taking one for the team and being the only person to actually sleep.

Craig, Jean, Kids - for helping out with the food sales (learned a few tricks for sweet talking the Health Department) and for continuing to support us though far away.

Ed, Viki, John - thanks for being willing to do whatever was needed. We appreciated you sweating it out during the super hot hours.

Matt, Mary Ann and Mikey - 7 months Pregnant, in that heat? Enough said!!!

Donna - for the great ice cream making tips.

Thank you to all our friends and family that stopped by, wanted to come and couldn't, and those that passed on well wishes. We appreciate all of the support!


  1. I totally would have participated and supported this in any way. I may have actually been there if this was at Weber State around May-ish. I have a shirt just like yours.

    I have been thinking about Amanda all summer long since I live by her school. I will need to come see you guys again before school starts, if that is okay. What a great survivor!!