Wednesday, July 21, 2010


For many months Amanda has endured the wrath of miserable lumbar punctures. She had clinic today and for the first time dreaded it. Not because of needles or all the usual anxieties. She feared it because of the headache she'd get from the LP. After a lot of family prayer (thank you Scott for the beautiful blessing), persistence, and incredible support from her doctor's I am so happy to report that we FINALLY are having a recovery free of a screaming headaches, pain, and vomiting. All of her doctors agree that she is very sensitive to the procedure itself, not so much the medication they are using. They are administering the chemo much more carefully now. And something as simple as letting her rest and not moving her for a good three hours post-recovery made a huge difference. She's one of those "special" patients that needs a little extra care. All of her staff at Primary's went above and beyond today to accommodate her. We are so grateful for them. She's still on IV fluids for a few days, and the beloved IV Benadryl and Zofran are prepared for attack if needed. So far she is eating, drinking, and happily watching Phineas and Ferb while taking care of her virtual pets online. It is such a wonderful change to have her recovering comfortably!

Amanda is looking forward to Relay for Life at the end of the month. Thanks to so many of you for your generous donations! If the cash flow is a bit tight a great way to still show support is in letting Amanda know that you are cheering her on - it really brightens her day. When I told her that survivors circle a lap with everyone cheering for them, her face lit up!!! She is really looking forward to it.

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