Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had a bunch of pictures to post but my computer is unwilling to cooperate and I don't feel well enough to take it on. An IOU is in order.

We have been non-stop sick at our house. I am sick (literally) of viral bugs. And the last few have been really bad. Both Will and Scott have been on nebulizer treatments, bronchitis abounds, antibiotics have been dished out, and the night is rattled with the sounds of coughs and the booger sucking machine. Whatever we've had, you don't want it! Now that we are trying to integrate back onto society the inevitable viral bugs are creeping in despite our best efforts. Amanda had about two weeks of coughing and complaining. Whenever she turns the same pale color as our wall paint color, I know she's pretty sick. Amanda has missed more school in the past month than in the past four months. Her accelerated school program doesn't slow down for cancer. She has moments of struggling to keep pace, but now that she is feeling better, she just glides through the work. She is starting to act like herself again, the sign that her body is on the mend.

I recently gave a talk in church on grace. I needed extensive study to feel confident in giving it. And despite the hours devoted to it, I can sum it up in one experience. A few days last week were devoted to ongoing fevers between all of us. All but one of us. Amanda never ran one. By all logic she should have. She is the most vulnerable. If she had run a fever, Scott and I would not have been well enough to take her in. I am grateful for God's tender mercies and for prayers that invite them in. It is so hard to take care of sick kids when you yourself are sick and overwhelmed by numerous responsibilities. After looking at the thermometer numerous times in disbelief I know that a little heavenly help is sent to get us through all of this.

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