Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Face of Chemo

"I've got a long way to run." - Collective Soul

Amanda continues with her monthly chemo treatment, daily oral chemo drugs, knock her out weekend chemo, and 5 days a month of "I don't feel myself" steroids. She had a great clinic day on Wednesday. We were in and out in a hour. Despite a great clinic day, she is giving us plenty to worry about. She has a bad upper respiratory infection and chemo isn't going to help her get over it easily. Her doctor thought she was healthy enough to push through, and her counts were surprisingly high. Her sinus and eye infection didn't bring her counts down as low as we thought. She developed an allergic reaction to the eye drops and ended up with a very swollen eye for several days (and a very ornery demeanor to match). So to be sick on top of it, needless to say, she is run down. Very run down. I'm just crossing my fingers that it doesn't turn in to pneumonia. She has lamented several times about being tired of being sick. She has every reason to complain. Unfortunately, she has a ways to go still.

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  1. You are always in my prayers and I pray that the Lord will give you strength to endure all that you have. A new baby, a new business, a child with cancer and one who is a little "high maintenance". Cute but "high mainentance". I haven't commented before because I never know what to write. I love you and your family so much and how do you put that into words. Thought I'd give it a try.