Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Week

"Stuck in a world of isolation, while the ivy grows over the door" floyd

Amanda's immune system is terribly low. Both she and Erin grow weary of being so isolated from friends and family, but it continues to be very necessary. Amanda's too suppressed to have clinic today, so we wait another week. I was looking forward to getting this next round over with. But, her body is telling us it needs a break. She is not not bouncing back as quickly and it's obvious that her body is getting tired. Having another week to build up her strength will be very good for her. That just means a lot of TV watching. I'd prefer boredom over the misery and pain of last week.
She still has some painful mouth sores. She looked like she had her wisdom teeth out she was so swollen this week. Her hair is falling out again. She continues to have mood swings and crave pickles (vlasic are the best!). She is weak and looks worn out. Our understanding of cancer is so much greater. It is something that cannot be described in a blog. Maybe it's the combination of cancer, sleep deprivation, and a newborn, but the outside world feels strangely unfamiliar right now.


  1. Love the pictures! I wish Amanda were doing a bit better. My kids are going through Amanda and Erin withdrawals! Hang in there! You are looking good though!

  2. Thanks for the updated pictures! I hope this week proves to be better than last.

  3. I love the $20 bill. I wonder where you got that idea. You had to one up me by using a 20 - ha ha ha.