Thursday, September 3, 2009

Better, I think....

AMANDA; Today started Delayed Intensification - round 4 of 5 for Chemo. It lasts 2 months. I have been dreading it. It's a lot of heavy medications with lots of side-effects. However, we had a very long discussion with the attending physician today. Many of the drugs are the same or similar to what she has received in the past, so side-effects should be somewhat predictable. We will take a wait and see approach to the Methotrexate. So far, she is doing better on it. The break seems to have helped. She is completely wiped out right now, but we are getting used to that on heavy treatment days. She's getting much better at recognizing that chemo makes her sick and that she needs to just rest.

WILL; While Amanda was doing her chemo, Will had an ultrasound on his liver. The results showed a blood clot and calcification of the vein leading to his liver. Fortunately the doctor asked the technician to look more closely at which vein it was. They determined that it was the umbilical artery. It is supposed to close off after birth which means it should not pose a permanent problem for him. Actually, the doctor was very brief with us and showed no real concern for the condition. I'm not even sure if I completely understand the diagnosis. We will follow-up with his pediatrician tomorrow. She'll determine if it's an ongoing issue for him. It's a huge relief.

ERIN; I have to post a comment so that she doesn't resent me ten years from now for leaving her out. She goes to her allergist next month to hopefully give her the all clear from food allergies. She seems less lactose intolerant and has worked up to yogurt (with a lot of Lactaid). She's made a lot of progress with her fine motor skills. Most of our "home schooling" this past summer was devoted to her fine motor skills (thanks to those who had home schooling tips for us). She's still having a lot of behavior problems. But I don't blame her. It's been a rough year. Two steps forward, one step back has become the norm for our family. At least we are headed in the right direction.

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  1. Mar, thanks for the update. The pictures are wonderful. I love the facial expressions of the girls as they look at their little brother. Talk to you soon.