Friday, August 14, 2009


Amanda made counts for her treatment on Monday. It actually felt very routine. Check in, blood draw, wait for counts, talk with the medical staff, go to RTU, recovery room, finish off with chemo, get that pain medicine in her before we hit the road, and get the IV hydration pack whirling as quickly as possible. I think we have finally figured out a better routine as her recovery is proving to be more manageable. It still is taking her several days to bounce back, I've figured out she needs the hydration pack an extra day longer, and the pain/nausea meds are needed for a few days or her head is buried in the vomit bowel with a huge headache. It's not easy, but she still claims that getting her port accessed is the worst part to her because it involves a needle. We did have a huge melt-down this week about being lonely. And she's been a lot more lethargic than usual after this treatment. The tough parts are expected.

As for our baby, he is doing so well that the doctor wants him to cook two more weeks. That's a good thing because our next chemo date falls on what was supposed to be his birthday. I have no doubt he's just going to come on his own rather soon as all the impending labor signs are looming. Amanda is getting very excited, but clingy as I know she is anxious about this big change. Overall her health is strong enough for me to feel O.K. about leaving her care up to Dad and extended family for a while. My blogging may get more sparse, but I plan to update about any changes.

I'm overdue for promised pictures. The top picture is Amanda playing with her cousin. Sienneh was a good sport about wearing the mask while Amanda's ANC was really low. They are both so much happier when they get to spend time together!

The hydration pack is quite heavy. I still have a knot in my back from mine. Amanda came up with the solution to use a wagon. Here's Erin chasing behind as Amanda maneuvers through the house. Wish I had thought of using one.

Keeping Amanda and Erin busy has proven to be a challenge for me in my diminished energy state. The solution; put Erin's in charge of all housework :)

Much to my surprise, Amanda's hair is growing back in and she has no mouth sores as anticipated. Even though she has been completely worn out all week and has side effects I didn't expect, I left clinic feeling fortunate that she is not as sick as some of the other kids we see there. I'm very fortunate to have these two little girls!!! They have both proven to be very challenging, but these smiles remind me why it's worth it.


  1. Those smiles are truly worth it. I love the wink!!!

  2. Hello Mar! I haven't commented for a while, so I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you all. I am excited to hear the good news about the little man and Amanda's progress. What sweet girls. I love the picture of Erin scrubbing the toilet. What a trooper! Take care, my friend!