Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our many neighbors and kind Ward members deserve an explanation for the commotion at our home yesterday.

Amanda has struggled with really bad headaches, mood swings, and hasn't been sleeping or eating as well since her last treatment. She seemed to turn around yesterday and we arranged a play date with her cousin. My sister had stuck around, fortunately, and after an hour or so of playtime we both found Amanda unconscious on the kitchen floor. From other experiences I can handle first aid for passing out (people usually come around pretty quickly), concussions (which Amanda's had a few), and seizures. The problem was that I couldn't figure out what was going on. Amanda would not wake up, we didn't hear her fall, we didn't know how long she was out, she didn't appear to have hit her head, and she's a medically fragile kid right now which created an entire list of fears in my head as a mother. Paramedics couldn't get her to wake up either. She could have been out for over 10 minutes. When she did come to, she was hysterical and incoherent until they loaded her up and we were on the road to Primary's. She just remembers riding her stick horse, feeling dizzy, a bad dream, and then being in the ambulance.

She is currently home and doing fine; just physically tired and emotionally tired from life not being fun anymore. A bunch of tests were run with no conclusive answers. I talked with the Oncology clinic today and we are of the opinion that it likely was a seizure. Severe headaches and seizures are a rare side-effect of one of the IV drugs she is currently on. So we plan to involve somebody from Neurology at our clinic visit tomorrow. We're not sure what the solution will be.

It was a very traumatizing experience. We are very tired. We keep praying that I don't go into labor in the middle of all of this. She needs to be more stable before the baby comes. We are trying to hang in there and just keep praying that it all works out. I've decided that's the best thing you can do when you have no control over your outcomes in life.

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