Thursday, August 20, 2009


Amanda had clinic today. Most of our time was spent talking with the doctor trying to figure out what happened this past week and what to do about it. We are left not knowing if it was a seizure or passing out. Aside from this the doctor was concerned about the extensive headaches she gets after treatment and how they are increasing in rhythm with the Methotrexate drug. "This treatment round is usually a break for people" was his comment. She had a good week around the beginning, but she is progressively struggling the more they increase the drug. So the solution to figure out how much the drug is affecting her is to do an MRI tomorrow. The nice thing about being an oncology patient is that you get in for special testing within hours when it takes others weeks. The MRI is needed because Methotrexate often shows changes on the brain when people become symptomatic like Amanda. If there are problems then her treatment will need to be regulated in the future because this drug is taken on a regular basis for the two year maintenance process. For today, he skipped the drug despite it needing to be the largest dose in the treatment regiment. Because she is in the best possible recovery tract, he felt we have some wiggle room. In my mind I was cheering while Amanda was hysterically crying about having to do another MRI. For me it means her being much stronger and healthy for when the baby is born. Unfortunate for her, MRI's are the most dreaded of all treatments because of the isolation and weird noises. But, this time she will be sedated. She's still pretty upset about it though.

Amid all this, the baby has miraculously stayed put. My doctor agreed to induce me next Tuesday instead of the following week. It seems a good compromise between Amanda's next treatment and the baby's healthy growing time. I'll be 38 weeks and have never made it to 39 anyway. I hope it will be what is best for both his health and Amanda's.

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  1. Maryann,

    I am so excited that you made it to 38 weeks. It is amazing. We will be praying that everything goes well. We will also be praying for Amanda that everything goes well with her MRI. You are amazing and can do it. Now at least you won't feel sick anymore. Please let me know if I can do anything.