Tuesday, May 12, 2009

not moody, just pregnant

I'm convinced that Amanda is not moody, just pregnant. Her belly looks more pregnant than mine, she has a bigger appetite than I do, I think her hair is getting thicker while mine is falling out and her cravings are getting a out of control. Yesterday was waffles with strawberry sauce and whip cream, both in the morning and night. And today she just about came unglued that the pizza shop doesn't open at 8:00 in the morning and that I'm out of bread sticks, with dipping sauce, ham and pineapple pizza, etc..... It's a good thing she started this process thin because she is not going to stay that way for long.

On the not so humorous side, she is starting to grasp that cancer is a big deal and that it really stinks. She is starting to say how much she hates cancer. Yesterday she was so upset because all she wanted to do was art work and she was too tired to sit at the table to do it. I let her lament, pumped her full of pizza and took her outside to paint rocks with her aunt. The fresh air and sun did her good. I told her that since the flower pot seems to always die each summer, at least it will look pretty with her rocks and I'll let her be in charge of growing some seeds in it. We promise to post some future pictures of her adventures. For now, it's mostly just laying on the couch as she is progressively getting more tired and weak.

And a big thank you must be sent out to her uncle Rick. We're trying to find creative ways to keep her active, but safe at the same time. She still fits in the bike cart and he's agreed to take her on weekly bike rides. He's the only one in shape enough to handle her rapid weight gain. He took her around the neighborhood several times. She had a parade of kids following her as they all seemed excited to finally see her again. It made her day!

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  1. My kids were so excited to see Amanda outside yesterday! Nigel thinks that she is better now and was disappointed he couldn't invite her over to play. When I told him that we don't want his germs on her, he looked at me and nodded sagely, like he totally understood! I'm glad she was able to go out and get some sun/vitamin D!!! :)