Thursday, May 14, 2009


Each day is varied. We are noticing a pattern with her steroids. The first 5 hours after she takes them each morning is the worst time for being ornery and having intense food cravings. I complain to Scott that as a typical mom, I get the tough Amanda and he gets the sweet Amanda at night. She spends almost every morning complaining that she does not feel like herself and crying about how she hates cancer. Her last round of chemo seemed to wipe her out more, but yesterday she spent the majority of the day in a good mood. She looked and acted stronger. She felt well enough to do art projects like she's been wanting to all week. She was very talkative and told me what animal she was pretending to be for the day. It was encouraging to see her bounce back to a remnant of her normal self even if it only lasted for a few hours. Tomorrow we'll go through another round of chemo that will start the fatigue cycle again. It is anticipated she will be at her "worst" at the end of the month as the current round of intense chemo slowly destroys the blood cells and helps her bone marrow return to working properly. As such, we are enjoying the better days when we can!


  1. Amanda,
    Your drawing of Nessie is beautiful. You added so many fun details and colors. You included hearts and kisses and hugs and all sorts of happy feelings. Tell your mom and dad to keep posting your art work. I love looking at it. Love you! Jenny