Sunday, September 4, 2011

Moving On

-Celebrating the end of Chemo with the ward primary. They decorated the house and gave her gifts. As you can see by the smile, it was very much appreciated.

If you haven't noticed, my blogging is getting fewer and farther between. I do believe it's part of moving on from cancer. Amanda ran a fever several days ago. I called oncology since she's still is immune compromised (should improve in about 1-4 more months). I was told to treat her like a normal kid. It brought a smile to my face to hear those words and a feeling that I cannot describe. I cannot put into words how wonderful it feels to finally be here. And yet, I'm very exhausted and emotionally worn out. It's a strange mixture of thoughts and emotions that I find myself sorting through. I do believe that what she has gone through has served a purpose in her life and will shape the future of our family. I've never understood how people can be grateful for their trials. I still struggle to grasp this. But I can say I'm grateful for what I have learned and am still learning. I know that Amanda has a purpose in her life and that is why she is still here.

I commented to Scott at dinner tonight that Amanda's cheeks haven't been that rosey in three years. I hear more laughter than whining from her. She plays more with her siblings. She is eager and happy to be at school once again. She's growing up tall very quickly. She looks so much healthier and has more energy. Seeing my daughter emerge back to herself is giving me a lot of hope for her future. She is in the 95% cure rate. Her remission needs to last 5 years to be considered cured. I believe she will get there.

I've really wondered whether to keep writing or end this blog. It seems rather blunt to end as soon as chemo is done. There is a brighter side to Leukemia, and I think I need to showcase that for a while. I will at least keep it updated until Amanda has her Make A Wish granted. She has qualified and received her special key to the wishing room to go make her wish. We are just waiting for her turn. She is very excited. I don't know what she wants, but I'm sure it will have something to do with Perry the Platypus, her favorite cartoon character.

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