Friday, December 4, 2009


"It's not having what you want. It's wanting what you've got."
- Sheryl Crow

Amanda began school on Tuesday. After 8 long months she's finally back at school. Yeah!!!!
We arranged for her favorite Child Life Specialist from Primary's to come and do a presentation on cancer. The staff at Primary's are so good at what they do. Rachelle presented questions and information that I never would have thought of. Thank you Rachelle!!! Amanda showed off her colors of courage (the necklace she's wearing). Each bead represents a part of cancer treatment that she's completed. It really helps put into perspective how much she's done. Amanda's classmates were so responsive and curious. They are smart enough to understand what cancer is and young enough to be very non-judgemental. It's a great combination. Amanda was treated like a celebrity. The girls swarmed her at recess and all wanted to be her friend. However, she did come home and have a HUGE tantrum that lasted about an hour. I supposed she needed to decompress some stress. But since then she's been very happy and acting like herself again. School is wearing her out. We've had to up her bedtime and I still struggle to get her up in the morning. But she's sleeping better, which is a nice change. As a parent the adjustment has been hard. To go from total germ control and total care and now to send her to a place where I'm not there and kids eat their boogers gives me really bad vibes. But her teacher is awesome and is trying to follow all of the hand-washing and crowd avoidance protocols. Ironically, Erin and I have been really sick with a cold. Amanda's stayed healthy. She may fair better than expected. Regardless, seeing her so happy is making the risk worth it. She's finally where she wants to be.


  1. Hooray for Amanda!!! She is an amazing girl. (Her family is pretty amazing too.) :)

  2. These pictures are a happy sight to see. I know you're trading one stress for another, but hopefully it will prove to be better because Amanda will be happier. Having the life specialist do a presentation was an awesome idea!