Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Easter in October

"I have to admit it's getting better....." -The Beatles

We spent the weekend at my family's annual condo in the mountains trip. Amanda has been beyond excited. She even told me she'd be brave and sleep through the night there, but not at home, which she's lived up to. She had a long list of everything she planned to do with her cousins. Mission accomplished! Her most important task was the Easter egg hunt. My mom has one each spring and it was canceled several times because of Amanda's health. Don't promise Amanda anything that you don't plan to deliver because she has a very sharp memory and is very persistent at getting what was promised to her! She reminded grandma all summer about the hunt, and waiting for next year was not an option. She is finally healthy enough to be around more people, so we planned it for this weekend. It didn't take long to find all the eggs. I don't think she's even touched the candy inside. Having fun was far more important. Needless to say, she had a great weekend. She was sad to leave. I reminded her that we'll be back next year. She said, "But that's three months away!"

These eggs cashed out!

We have been surprised at what a good baby Will is. We are not used to a happy baby that you can pack around with little fuss. He's up to 7 lbs. 4 oz - at two months he's still smaller than the girls birth weight. But he's plumping up quickly. He's finally learned how to nurse (yeah!!!) which is great because the doctor's don't want him on formula. We are still waiting for genetic tests specific to blood disorders. He had another ultrasound last week and his blood clot is getting smaller. We'll follow-up in three months with the hope that it will be gone on it's own. The doctor said blood thinners will not help at this point. He finished up his "liver in a bottle" medicine and he goes to see the GI doctor next week with the hope that his liver is functioning properly. Overall, he's doing great. He looks and acts like a baby his age should. He's proving to be a delightful addition to the family. And he settles the debate - boys are EASIER than girls!!!!!

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  1. I just have to say, "I TOLD YOU SO! Boys are easier than girls." I love them both but boys are a lot less drama. Will is so dang cute, I just can't stop looking at his picture. I am so glad the girls had a good time at the condo. The picture with the three girls holding their dollar is priceless. It's so indicative of this stage in their life (Amanda with her bald head, Sienneh with her two bucky front teeth and Erin with a mouth full of candy, realizing she's been caught). That picture says a 1,000 words. Thanks for the post. Oh ya, please tell Amanda we're sorry we couldn't stay to roast marshmellows. Yassah happened to inform us that she needed to finish a term project that was due on Monday. The teenage years are ohhhhh sooooo joyous! Love ya!