Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love her dearly, love the Packers, but......

It is two steps forward, one step back right now. Amanda's screaming headaches are becoming a thing of the past. For that, I am EXTREMELY grateful! I think its a lot easier for her to handle chemotherapy the healthier and stronger she gets. She's had one migraine in the past 4 months but it was a normal one that we could get on top of quickly. Her lumbar puncture last week was one of the easiest. comes the one step back.....she is developing extremely itchy skin and bone/joint pain during her treatment rounds. Add that to roid rage and it makes for one very exhausting week of walking on eggshells for the entire family. Love her dearly, and I feel sorry for her, but she drove me crazy last week! It is really a hard process to get through. I was so happy to see her bounce back and off to school today as I find myself pretty worn out from taking care of her right now. I suppose after two years of going at this some burnout is bound to happen.

Will had his scope. We are very relieved to have several tests come back normal. As it stands the kid has some wicked heartburn that is the culprit for his weight loss. I'm finding that balance of foods and medication dosing that helps treat it. He's gaining weight and developmentally on target. We will still have to address his short stature if he doesn't gain enough (he's the size of a 7 month old at 16 months of age). Despite this, it is a relief to have his medical problems coming to more of a close. It will be a happy day at our house when we can manage going a month without a medical bill!!!
I do thank those that try and give Amanda some much needed attention during her treatment rounds. It is greatly appreciated.

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