Saturday, October 23, 2010


"What goes up must come down." -Blood Sweat and Tears
Amanda had, dare I say, one of her best recovery's from a lumbar puncture last week. She did puke in the car on the ride down from nerves (mental note to self, I took the vomit bucket out way too early!) But she looked really good going into the procedure. Now keep in mind, while she is asleep they stick a needle in her lower spine to extract cerebral fluid and replace it with a lot of bright yellow chemo (I've unfortunately seen the big syringe). It is not the easiest of chemo treatments. But she woke up looking pretty good, not groggy and uncomfortable like usual. She was eager to eat, play video games, and didn't need to sleep it off for as long. She was more active at home and eager to get out of the house, as you can see with her creative method of packing her hydration pack around outside. Everything went as well as hoped for after a lot of trial and error. A few days ago she had a 24 hour stretch of acting like herself again. She was bubbly, VERY talkative, friendly....everything that Amanda was before cancer. She has not acted like this for that long in over two years. It was wonderful to experience again. It was such a good reminder that once her body heals, her bright spirit will dominate once again.

But......there always seems to be a I came home from a lovely luncheon with a friend that I haven't seen in about 10 years. Amanda had that look on her face. The headache hit for several hours with crying and cringing, the vomiting lasted for four rounds, and she looked a terrible shade of green. The reason she was doing so well a few days ago was because her blood counts were too high. She's had such a big growth spurt that all of her chemo doses were increased last week and today it hit. Despite a rough day today, the glimpse of her acting like herself again brought a lot of encouragement that makes bearing all of this a bit easier.

thought I'd share some pumpkin pickin pics

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  1. It looks like pumpkin pickin' was a hit! I love the smiles on their faces!