Monday, February 1, 2010

Before and After

"How fragile we are" - Sting

A chaotic life and dying computer modem has limited my ability to blog. In my mind I've already published two other posts outlining her science day (which I'll just post pictures below) and feeling a bit more optimistic (which was a fleeting moment). I had this gut feeling Amanda was going to decline again. She had a mild cold last week - no big deal. But trying to get her to drink has become a huge challenge, especially when she doesn't feel well. She earns an allowance by drinking, but that doesn't seem to be enough motivation to get her to remember. It's not realistic for me to follow her around all day with a straw shoved in her mouth. It caught up to her Saturday night and the migraine hit. And they aren't normal migraines. They are cancer migraines. They are much worse. A combination of her Methotrexate dosing and not enough fluid intake makes for a pretty toxic little body. Once again, screaming pain, throwing up several times, and lots of crying. I'm getting better at distracting her from the misery. But it still remains an exhausting ordeal for the both of us. Any suggestions to get her to drink more, especially at school?

During her migraine and then 12 hours later.

As for science day; she enjoyed a trip to the planetarium. Our first big outing in over a year! She loved it. The next day was an ice skating field trip. I really thought she wouldn't fare well. She proved me wrong and has been begging me to take her again.
She loved learning about the moon, planets, and constellations.

Here's her science fair presentation. I'm amazed how how much darker her hair is coming in now and very thick!

Erin's watching me and asking where her picture is. I'm not in the mood for a tantrum, so here's one of her going to school.

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  1. Boy that's the never ending battle/question with kids. I bought my kids their own smaller nalgene water bottle. It seemed to make difference. Good luck!