Friday, January 15, 2010

cancer obsession

Amanda and Erin started back in school this week. Wow my house sure stays cleaner when they are gone! After being smothered for the past 10 months, it's really weird to have my home so quiet. Amanda woke up Tuesday acting like her normal, perky self, eager to go to school. But since she's been back I've noticed a bit of an obsession about cancer. She's drawing pictures about it during her free time, many of her homework assignments will refer to cancer. And science fair is next week. Guess what she wants to do a presentation on. She was determined to find a germ that causes cancer and asked me to get a blood sample from the clinic to take a look at. She's a post doctorate shy of discovering this, but if anybody's going to find the cause of cancer it will probably be her. I'm glad she's turning her previous anger towards cancer into curiosity. We negotiated with the teacher to just do a presentation on what Leukemia ALL is, much to my relief. Here is a homework assignment she did outlining something that is good and bad at the same time. She chose the topic.

"What is good about cancer is that I learn new stuff about germs and blood. Which is pretty cool to me I guess. It is. It really is! What I don't like about cancer is getting my port poked (with the drawing of a port coming out of the letter o). It hurts some times and believe me....we've had some pretty close calls.

What do you expect from a girl whose front room has looked like a hospital for the past year. I'm glad she's feeling well enough to be curious again.

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  1. I am grateful to beable to look at and read your blog. My niece is just starting this process. It helps give me perspective and insight and understanding for my sister and what I can do help them. Thank you! Your daughter is in our prayers!